ASYC Partakers and MCWD coexist with Nature this Earth Day 2018

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More than 15 billion trees are lost or perishes each year over the crown of Mother Earth – equivalent to 56 acres of forest every minute. In respond to this tight spot, the Archdiocesan Summer Youth Camp (ASYC) 2018 pilgrims carry Laudato Si’ to life on a beautiful Sunday together with MCWD on April 22, 2018. It was a privilege to be part of such activity and help plant trees aiming to benefit local communities and at the same time stop climate change.

The orientation was held in the MCWD settling basin compound by connecting harmony with the youth and the staff of MCWD in honoring Mother Earth. To open the event, the youth gracefully presented a zumba kind of a presentation.

On the way to the mount, courageous partakers had crossed rivers.

Mighty young men showed their support as they escort other associates to take action and help rebirth the Earth. Truly, “bayanihan spirit” is active and will always be in the hearts of the Filipino people.


Laudato ‘Si (Mediaval Central Italian for “Praise be to you”) is the second encyclical of Pope Francis.

The encyclical has the subtitle “On Care for Our Common Home”. In it the Pope critiques laments environmental degradation and global warming and calls people of the world to take immediate and coalesce global action. “Let us be protectors of God’s creation, Protectors of God’s plan, inscribed in nature protectors of one another and of the environment. – Pope Francis.

Youth from the different vicariates and the MCWD staff sealed their hands on the oil cloth to emblematize their stand for trees.


Young men and Young women getting into tree-planting project.

Most of Earth Day campaigns focused on the participants planting trees to help create a greener, more sustainable future in the urgent fight against climate change. Luckily, we don’t have to be part of a major movement to help make a difference. Simply, choosing to reprocess, reclaim, or avoiding plastic altogether can be a great start to lessen the polymer-based waste.

Consider making small changes to reduce our ecological footprint. While bringing global change may take some time, these individuals had done their part to reduce plastic pollution. (J. Lawaan)

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