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Carigara, on its 447th Founding Anniversary held last January 25, 2018, brought attention to the fact that not all events in history were blissful and glorious but still worth celebrating to provide an important sense of the town’s history.

Carigara is known to be the first established town in Eastern Visayas in the year 1571, and was the first capital of Leyte. Its unique history is hard to trace. Various names had been used such as Kalgara, before it was called Carigara- which was taken from Kan Gara (belongs to Gara). Gara or Datu Gara was said to come from Borneo who bought the island from the aeta Chief Marikudo.

Metro Carigara Water District together with various government offices, educational institutions, business sectors and different barangays united in the annual parade which served as a touchstone to look back on and compare—to see how far the community has come, evaluate its progress, and reflect on how the town became what it is today. Gathering the people of Carigara contributes to a stronger sense of place, continuity, and community.


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