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The Department of Health (DOH) approved the Water Safety Plan of MCWD in compliance with the requirements for acceptability pursuant to its Administrative Order No. 2017-006 entitled “Guidelines for the Review and Approval of the Water Safety Plans of Drinking-Water Service Providers”.

Being primarily responsible for the policies and programs in the field of health in the country, DOH strongly promotes the application of a risk management approach, known as Water Safety Plan (WSP), by all water service providers, including those operated by local governments or even those by private water supplying businesses.

The WSP is a management tool recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that should be applied in all types of water systems to ensure the safe quality of supplied water. Its objectives are to prevent or minimize contamination of water source, remove contamination thru treatment and prevent re-contamination during storage, distribution and handling of drinking water.

DOH awarded the Certificate of Water Safety Plan Acceptance (CN 2018-002) to the Metro Carigara Water District dated January 16, 2018, and is valid until January 15, 2021. Said WSP had a rating of 97.5 % (Excellent) based on LWUA’s evaluation, which thus paved the way for the issuance of the certificate by DOH. However, the certificate shall be subject to suspension or revocation for the non-implementation of the approved WSP. Further, failure to comply with the WSP shall be a cause for LWUA’s revocation of the non-compliant water district’s Certificate of Conformance that serve as its ‘license to operate’ the water system.

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