Office of the General Manager


The General Manager is in charge of the overall administration of the water district operations; oversees personnel management; directs and sets forth procedures; execute duly established policies and guidelines relative to its services in order to affect organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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Administrative & General Services Division


The Administrative and General Services Division is particularly responsible for providing support to operations in terms of human resource, property and general services. This division functions generally on the Human Resource management and development; preparation of documents relative to the creation of position, publication of vacant positions and process employees’ appointments and contracts and direct personnel having administrative functions.

The preparation of office memorandum and announcements on various concerns involving the personnel; ensuring the safekeeping and maintenance of employees’ trainings, seminars and workshops; attending to employee’s queries on personal matters; leading the health and wellness program of the water district, as well as, property management and renewal of registration of water district vehicles.

This division also takes charge in overseeing the cleanliness and sanitation of the district’s premises and representing the water district to other agencies when necessary.

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Finance & Commercial Division


This division, which is composed of two (Finance Section and Commercial Section) and several units (Accounting and Budget; Billing and Commercial; Cash Management and Collection), is mainly responsible in planning, developing and implementing programs to achieve corporate objectives for water service congeniality (excellent management of customer services) and sound financial management.

Planning, developing and implementing strategic marketing plans aimed at extending the District’s water services to waterless households within the service area is also part of the division’s responsibility as well as to provide responsible advice and counsel to the General Manager and Division Managers on a variety of financial issues; managing the preparation and maintenance of financial records and reports as well as customer account records; overseeing the preparation and presentation of the District’s annual budget and assist in allocation and distribution of budget as well as monitoring the budget performance.

The supervision of data gathering and financial planning work associated with water rate setting; preparation of water rate analysis; overseeing cash management, investments, and debt management activities; collection, deposits and disbursements; overseeing the management of customer services, meter reading and billing; management of water meter maintenance, calibration, replacement and/ or custody and recording also falls under this division, including the planning and overseeing the advertising and promotion activities of the District and monitoring of division work flow; reviewing and evaluating work outputs, methods and procedures; implementation of needed work process and automation improvements and methods for improving customer service.

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Production & Water Quality Division


The main responsibility of Production and Water Quality Division is the safety and potability of water. This division also assists the General Manager in managing and directing the activities of the district pertaining to water production, water treatment and water quality operations; such as implementing potable water quality standards and collection and testing of water samples.

Analyzing practices and recommending policies and procedures for the improvement of systems involving production and water treatment also falls in this division, including planning, organizing, directing and reviewing of the activities and operations of PWQ Division as well as the operation maintenance of the District’s dam-basin conveyance, water storage, treatment facilities, and to maintain, coordinate as well as supervise the potable water distribution and appurtenances.

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Engineering & Construction Division


This division is primarily the technical team in a local water district which is responsible in the management of water distribution systems; installation of new service connections; management of maintenance operations- encompassing the repairs and maintenance of water lines and performing major and minor plumbing services.

Planning, directing and overseeing water system projects implementation and constructions is also part of its responsibility, as well as, to plan, organize, direct and coordinate District engineering projects and programs, including those that require significant interaction with other agencies and the general public, engineering design, securing permits, and project construction activities.

As the technical team, this division is also in charge in providing technical assistance and advice to the General Manager on water distribution systems; analyzing and recommending policies and procedures for improving management of system facilities as well as to provide oversight and review of technical reports and designs.

Planning and developing projects and programs for the improvement of water systems; ensuring District safety protocols are implemented throughout the division to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and other concerns about technical aspects is taken care of by this division.

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