MCWD Team Building 2019: ONE is better than one

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“ONE is better than one.” – The strength of the team is each member and the strength of each member is the team.

Last June 12-14, 2019, the Metro Carigara Water District(MCWD) had a Team Building Activity at Kuting Reef, Macrohon, Southern, Leyte, as it endeavors to ensure a comfortable accord in the working team and encourage employees to maintain and develop bonds with their colleagues.

To further perceive the effectiveness of a team work, MCWD employees were convened into eight (8) groups, which were named after the Hollywood Superhero Teams spearheaded by the core group or the Justice League, whom are also the overall facilitators of the said activity.

In kicking off the activity, teams gathered at the MCWD Office as early as 1:00 in the morning to prepare for their voyage to their first destination which was the Monte Cueva Shrine located at Maasin, Southern Leyte. The shrine, Monte Cueva is also called “Our Lady of Assumption Diocesan Shrine”, stands at an elevation of 172 meters above sea level overlooking Maasin, City. The place is not for those who are afraid of heights nor for those with weak knees but regardless of those nots, MCWD employees with their teams, joined hands as they climbed a 550 steps to reach the peak of the shrine before 9:00 A.M., which is the time when teams had to pull together to support one another, “sticking together when times get tough.”

The very exhausting hike towards the Monte Cueva Shrine was followed by a Team Building Session bestowed by the activity’s resource speaker, MCWD’s designated HRMO, Mr. Matee Profetana. The session highlighted the guidelines established by the facilitators with the intention of meeting the targets of the abovementioned activity.

Team building events reinforces values and significant results which can actually be achieved by having fun.

June 12, 2019 – Fellowship night, MCWD employees in their team costumes gathered for a night of fun and entertainment. The night was commenced with a Battle Cry Contest followed by the Bb. Water Warrior 2019. Notwithstanding the hesitation and shyness, teams executed their yells and chants spontaneously, leaving big laughs and candid smiles in their audience faces. MCWD Ginoo’s in their dazzling Binibini’s outfit slayed the night as they graciously walked it through to the delight of everyone.

Games, games, games. The core group filled the day with playful games that elicited the leadership qualities out of individuals, highlights areas where staff can contribute as leaders and learn how to work together effectively and manage each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lighting up the night of June 13, the employees, dressed in their aloha or boho attires danced the night away as they lit the bonfire to ashes. Papers were burned extracting the heartaches, burdens, hurt feelings and all the negativity of life. A memorable night that has shown altered emotions, that no matter how we look at it, team building is vital for it could actually prove a difference to one’s growth as a member of an organization. Unending photos and video recordings captured not just memories but the momentous outcomes of the team building activity.

On June 14, everyone went home with smiles on their faces, undaunted by the sleepless nights and warm weather, full of hope and optimism that all will be well when they return to work and most importantly, with re-vitalized dedication to serve the public better.

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