MCWD personnel attend Public Service Ethics and Accountability training

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The MCWD Administrative and General Services Division Office through the guidance of the Civil Service Commission Regional Office conducted an eight-hour foundation training on Public Service Ethics and Accountability last May 16.

Forty-four employees, led by General Manager Atty. Regidor V. Caballes and BOD Chairman Engr. Roque U. Aguilar, Jr., actively participated in the Public Service Ethics and Accountability seminar workshop in order to be enlightened with the norms and conduct of government institutions to enable them to deliver higher standards of ethics and accountability in the performance of their duties and functions before their superiors and the public.

Learning Consultant and Resource Speaker Victoria F. Esber, Director IV Civil Service Commission – Regional Office VIII, highlighted the characteristics and traits of a good public servant to consequently gain public trust through ethical and accountable public service.

In the government service, “Hindi pwedeng pwede na, dapat pwedeng pwede.” Director Esber reiterated the significance of ethics in government and professionalism when challenged with ethical dilemmas. Likewise, she carefully defined the meaning of corruption and bribery and how to develop the sense of patriotism, national pride, integrity, accountability, self-reflection and spiritual values in Filipinos.

Public office is a public trust, therefore public service ethics is giving good, prompt, courteous and adequate service to the public – the poor and the underprivileged. Director Esber emphasized the importance of knowing the agency’s mandate and faithful compliance to the Citizen’s Charter to be able to deliver good customer service and satisfaction.

Activities related to the topics discussed, including focused-group discussions and workshops, were conducted and facilitated by Mr. Charl G. Pabillon from the Civil Service Commission Regional Office. The MCWD employees were keen and enthusiastic in raising and sharing their experiences and perspectives in relation to the topics presented.

The event concluded with the challenge and opportunity to deal with certain work-related issues, that may affect service performance in the near future, with higher standards of ethics and accountability in practicing public office.

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